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Mental Wellness Rehabilitation Program

(Program is only available to Non-Malaysians, both in Malaysia and outside of Malaysia)


Re:Life and Eve Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre came together to offer the Mental Wellness Rehabilitation Program, which includes appointment of Case Manager, Intake Services, Patient Assessment (Psychiatric & Psychological Treatments), Rehabilitation and Discharge, all under one integrated package to non-Malaysian patients. This is made possible by Re:Life and Eve pooling together their vast experiences in their respective fields. 

Re:Life's Mental Wellness Rehabilitation Integrated Package

1) Appointment of Case Manager
2) Intake Services
3) Patient Assessment
4) Rehabilitation
5) Discharge

A Case Manager will be assigned to each confirmed patient, who will monitor, guide and advise the patient and the guardian every step of the way from Admission to Discharge. The Case Manager will be a psychologist who will also serve as the liaison and triage. 






If applicable and upon demand, we will arrange for the transportation of patients to and from the airports etc. We are also able to handle visa-related and paperwork matters. All these will be handled by our team of experienced professionals and would be guided by health and safety guidelines and procedures. 



Each patient will be assessed by our panel of experienced psychiatrists, who will, if necessary, prescribe the medications and treatments in order to prepare the patient to be admitted into the rehabilitation center. 



The whole rehabilitation process will be monitored by experienced professionals. We emphasize on treatment rather than vacation retreat. There will be daily activities and fun programs for the patient. Be rest assured that the patient will get the best treatment and services available. 



Once the patient is deemed fully rehabilitated by our mental health professionals, the Case Manager will ensure that all proper procedures are followed in the discharging process.
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Why choose us?

Unlike other rehabilitation centers, we are concentrating on providing treatments, counselling & therapy to the patient to aid in his or her mental health recovery, rather than a retreat akin to a vacation . We have a panel of very experienced, fully-licensed and caring psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and therapists who have the best interest of the patient in their minds and are fully focused on their recovery. 

Both Re:Life Mental Health Clinic and Eve Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre are fully-licensed and approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and other relevant authorities. 

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Admission Centre (Eve Center)

Rehabilitation Centre (Embuk Dharti)

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Malaysia is strategically located in the center of South East Asia, with great connectivity between major cities and countries. Malaysia's healthcare is world-class and relatively affordable. The weather's warm, the food is great, and the multitude of cultures living in peace here will bring in the good vibes. Besides that, there are a huge array of sights and sounds here in the country. English is widely spoken too. Hence, Malaysia is the perfect place to receive mental wellness treatments and rehabilitation services. 

Why Malaysia?

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