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Smoking Cessation


Quitting smoking is very difficult and frustrating. Our service uses the elements of counselling, behavioural modification techniques and hypnotherapy to achieve desirable outcome in quitting smoking effectively.

The use of hypnosis for smoking cessation was found more effective with lasting effect compared to other techniques that are designed for quitting smoking habits.

According to the University of Washington School of Medicine, the success rate of using hypnosis for helping you to stop smoking is 91%. It helps you by working your subconscious mind and achieve the goals and motivation more effectively. Many studies have supported that hypnosis is an effective drug-free ways for smokers to quit smoking habits.


For instance, an examination of multiple research studies reveal that a single session of hypnosis to stop smoking produced around a 25% success rate, and more that 70% of those attending in 2 to 3 session within a week.

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