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Psychiatry is a branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioural disorders. Psychiatry takes the biological perspective, which suggest that emotional disturbances or mental health issues are due to the abnormal changes in the brain activity. Nevertheless, it proposes that mental health problems can be caused by nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance and exposure to drugs. 

While many people with a mental health condition benefit greatly from therapy, not all concerns can be treated with therapy alone. Some severe and persistent conditions, such as schizophrenia and bipolar, may occasionally require treatment with medication for the purpose of safety and/or stability.  Also, medication may be advised to the clients who suffer from depression, PTSD and other conditions that have highly impact their functioning in daily life.

Medications will help them to feel better and manage their conditions well. Therefore, psychiatry is often recommended for such cases.

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