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Our Review of Origin Mattress

One of the best gifts in life is to be able to have good quality sleep. Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up feeling like a million bucks? And you have  a feeling that you can accomplish so much that day? Well, that is indeed a blessing! 


In my daily work as a hypnotherapist, many clients come to me complaining of issues from anxiety, depression or other mental issues. Insomnia is one of the most common symptoms they face and I must say, having sleepless nights is one of the worst sufferings one could have. 


There are various psychological and emotional causes that lead to sleeplessness,  and these could be addressed by some sort of therapeutic help. However, on top of all the psychological reasons, sleep hygiene is another important factor that we have to look into. I will usually explore the habits the clients have before sleep, methods they use to unwind after a long stressful day as well as the condition of their sleeping environment. The temperature of the room, or having a “no gadget” space is important, but having a right mattress and pillows are equally important. 


Every individual will have their preference in the softness or firmness of their mattress. I personally like a firm mattress. This gives me a feeling that I am supported and thus feeling safe. Origin mattress provides this to me. However, to me, a soft mattress makes me feel as if I am sinking in, and thus, literally sinking without a support in life. 


I work a lot with psychosomatic issues, whereby Psycho = mind, and Soma = body. Thus, the mind does affect the body and vice versa. If you think about it, the mind cannot really talk back to us to tell us things, thus it will manifest in our body. For example, if a kid doesn’t want to go to school, and the mind can’t verbalize it, thus it creates a tummy ache thus the body ‘speaks’ and the message gets sent across. This works the other way around too. If I treat my body badly by not feeding it on purpose, it will send a message to my mind that I am in starvation mode and thus, I hoard calories and end up getting fatter rather than losing weight! Thus, if I allow my body to feel I am sinking when I sleep at night, guess what message does it send to my mind? 


Therefore, it is important to give my body, especially my neck, the best support I can get. The right mattress and pillow will be the right answer. 

For a hypnotherapist, sleep is very important. In fact, I always tell my clients the best therapy work doesn’t happen in the therapy room, the biggest effect happens that night when you go home to sleep. This is because when we discuss the issues that you are facing and come up with solutions for you to manage it, you are still engaged in your conscious mind. This conscious mind analyzes discussions, plans it and then executes it. This is usually stored in your short- term memory. However, when you go home to sleep at night, in the safe space of your own home, your consciousness starts to shut down and the things we discussed during the day will start to sink into your long term memory. Once it is there in your long- term memory, it becomes your new belief system, and thus, it becomes part of your subconscious mind. (However, for any change to happen in your conscious or subconscious mind, you will need to cooperate and want that change. Hypnosis is not magic). This new belief system of yours thus becomes your new way of life. 


One of the things that most hypnotherapists would teach all their clients to do is self- hypnosis. This is a self- help method you can do by yourself at home to put positive suggestions into your mind. Suggestions like ‘I am good enough’ or ‘I am in control’, if repeated often enough, will sink into your subconscious mind. The right environment to get into this hypnotic zone is important. In my therapy room, there is a nice soft recliner where the client can relax and enter into the hypnotic mode. But if you are at home, lying down on your comfortable mattress, will also put you in the right hypnotic state to let those positive messages really sink in and change your life for the better. Having the feelings of safety, comfort and support are important.


Good sleep is indeed a hypnotherapist’s best friend. Having experienced Origin’s mattress and pillows, I can say that it offers me a good quality sleep that can ensure my mind is sharp the next day. With a solid 6 or 7 hours of delta sleep, I wake up fresh, with great ideas and solutions in my mind. This allows me to focus better at work, finish my tasks, and still come home after spending more than 8 hours at work, with enough energy to exercise, play with my pets and spend quality time with my loved ones. 


Do try out Origins mattress and pillows. This would definitely be a great investment to both your physical and mental health! 


Do you want to experience good sleep yourself too? I am a big fan and you should try it out too. Hop over to their page,and key in the code ‘JoyceExpert7’ upon check out to enjoy a special 7% discount off the mattress price. Wishing you endless nights of good quality sleep! 


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