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Exclusive Services

The Exclusive Services is catered for clientele such as VIPs, International clients, and other clients who requires exclusive confidentiality and privacy when seeking treatments for their mental health. 

Absolute Confidentiality

Appointments and correspondences will be made via a separate phone line, email and person-in-charge. 


Total Privacy

Treatments and counselling will be conducted at a discreet and pre-determined location in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, and not at the main Re:Life clinic. This will ensure total privacy with no other clients or patients with you when you are having treatments and counselling.


Treatment and Counselling by our Medical Director

Clients will be personally treated and taken care of  by our Medical Director Prof. Dato Dr. Andrew Mohan Raj. Click here for more info on Prof. Dato Dr. Andrew. 


Assignment of Chaperone

Re:Life's will assign a male or female chaperone to each client or patient upon request. The chaperone will guide and be with the client or patient during treatment. 


Supported by Re:Life's vast treatment infrastructure

Re:Life's vast infrastructure of medicine, experts and facilities will be ready to assist in the Client's treatment and recovery. 


Get in Touch

For Exclusive Services 

Contact and Whatsapp : 010 832 7658 

Email :

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