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Dyani Thiruchelvam



Dyani has 20 years of work experience as a speech and language therapist, working with a broad range of clients from babies to adults who have communication difficulties, eating, and drinking. She has worked in different places, including Private Practice, the National Health Service (NHS) in London, UK, Non-government organize within, international demonstrated history of developing speech and language services for private hospitals, training speech therapists, and working with clients and families who have communication difficulties. For example, she has previously worked in London, UK for both private paediatric clinic as well as within the National Health Service (NHS) for an adult acute rehabilitation hospital and in a community clinic for paediatrics.


Area of Expertise:


Dyani specialises in Childhood Early Intervention, Adult Neurology and Dysphagia Management. She expands her skills further with Energy Psychology such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Family Constellation, Body Talk Access and Fast Track Technique. She works holistically and includes behavioural management, positive parenting and nutrition counselling as a part of treatment.




  • BSc in Speech Sciences (University College London, UK)

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