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Employee Assistance Program


Employee Assistance Program "EAP" is an employee benefit program that assists employees with personal problems and professional issues that may be impacting their job performance, health, mental and emotional well-being.

EAP traditionally have assisted employees with alcohol or substance abuse. Currently, it has covered a wide range of personal problem. For instance: mood disturbance, stress, relationship challenges, financial or legal problems, wellness matters and traumatic events such as workplace bullying.

It is highly important to take good care of employees’ mental health due to the huge demand of stress from the society. Many research has shown great improvements in well-being, productivity, job satisfaction, work performance, enhanced organization commitment and reduced absenteeism after inducing EAP at company. This demonstrates the necessity of EAP to be introduced in order to maintain a healthy organisational culture.

Here at our service, we have a team of highly experienced counselling psychologist to help employees who are in need through individual counselling.

We offer a range of workshops designed to help the companies to raise the awareness of the importance of mental health at workplace. For example, stress management, managing work-life balance and mental health-related topics will be delivered to the employees.

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